temperature controlled environment
15 May

Sectors such as pharmaceutical, food production and storage, work with products that are temperature sensitive meaning their environment must be monitored and controlled at all times. If this is not done it can mean breaches in health and safety, spoiled products and a lot of wastage – ultimately costing these facilities money.

Production and storage facilities can be susceptible to fluctuations in temperature, especially during the summer months. For example, the ambient temperature in a warehouse or production facility can often reach over +30 degrees throughout the summer months. So it is vital that they implement adequate solutions to overcome this issue.

Air conditioning units are commonly used to regulate the temperature within production facilities, however with these spaces usually being very large, it can be expensive to run – using a lot of energy. Cooling a large space will always be costly but if you’re cooling areas that do not need to be temperature regulated, it’s also not very energy inefficient.

What’s the solution?

Segregating the facility to create a temperature controlled environment can be easily achieved with a Flexiwall partition for temperature control. It means that only the area that needs to be kept at a certain temperature is cooled, saving on energy costs and improving efficiency.

Due to the panels thermal properties, Flexiwall enables separate enclosures to operate at different temperatures. The heavy duty thermal options also provide increased insulation and condensation prevention.

Here at Westgate we have worked with a range of clients; delivering a cost-effective and energy efficient solution for temperature controlled environments. Kingsland Drinks, EGGER and Great Bear Distribution are just a few examples.

If you’d like to find out more about our industrial partitions for controlled temperature storage rooms in time for the summer months, please contact us at Westgate.