Why consider steel wall partitions
19 Jan

Steel partition wall systems are perfect for dividing up large, open-plan areas. They work perfectly in commercial and industrial situations where multiple types of work are occurring under one roof, such as in warehouses or factories. Businesses regularly assess ways to reduce costs and one of those ways is to make better use of existing space, rather than having multiple site locations.

For example, there may be a need to have self-contained site offices, employee break areas, product storage and factory operations occurring simultaneously and all under one roof. Steel partition wall systems offer a simple and cost-effective solution to this.

Using steel partitioning can increase the overall aesthetic of the workspace and if needed, can be specially modified to provide sound reduction to allow noisy processes to occur in the vicinity of quieter areas. Not only can this lead to increased productivity but can help employers adhere to government noise regulations and keep employees working in a safe and comfortable environment. The specialised system would be double skinned, have customised insulation and have a perforated finish to one side.

Steel partitions are incredibly sturdy and can easily cope with the demands of an industrial work environment. Unlike other materials that can be used there is no degradation and they require minimal maintenance. Because of their hygienic qualities, they can be used in sensitive environments such as food manufacturing or pharmaceuticals too.

At Westgate Factory Dividers our Anchorwall steel partition wall systems are available in a range of finishes:

  • Single skin is perfect for when a high-quality, cost-effective partition is required in manufacturing and storage spaces
  • Double skin works for installations that require smooth and attractive finishes on both sides, such as a shop floor office (can be supplied with insulation and meets BS476-6 & 7 class 0 fire rating)
  • Mesh can be used when a protective barrier is needed for storing secure goods or for creating an anti-collapse system around racking
  • Perforated solutions offer increased security whilst still retaining good visibility

Our Anchorwall steel systems are available in a choice of colours; white, grey (three different shades) and Sandstone, and there is also a fully fire rated customised option available, that meets BS 476-22.

Our Anchorwall range can also be used in conjunction with Flexiwall for those warehouses and/or factories that require a completely partitioned off space that is both tall and wide. In this instance Flexiwall can be added to the top of the Anchorwall steel partitioning.

If you’d like to learn more about our Anchorwall steel partition wall systems or would like to discuss an upcoming project, contact us at Westgate Factory Dividers today 01785 242181 / salesteam@westgateuk.co.uk