Farralls Case Study
30 Nov
Farrall’s Group
Warehouse storage facility
– segregation of one open
space into two sections
Flexiwall® 36m(w) x 8m(h)

What did the client say?

Farrall’s Group, a national logistics network offering
expert transport and warehouse solutions, approached
Westgate due to a change in their storage needs at
their Deeside Industrial Park warehouse.

An existing client had requested the need to store
additional products and therefore Farrall’s Group
needed to accommodate these products within their
existing warehouse space. The decision was made to
separate the warehouse and loading areas, which were
currently one large space, into two sections.

Westgate were one of three businesses approached to
consider and advise on the requirement.



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Farrall’s Group selected Westgate due to their
professional approach, extensive experience delivering
multiple solutions for this type of project with other
clients in the warehousing sector, the robust nature of
their specialised Flexiwall partitioning product and the
ability to use specialised anti-fungal fabric.

FR680 anti-fungal fabric is essential in the
warehouse and food sector when adhering to BRC
accreditation. Flexiwall can help prevent dust
movement, noise control, manage temperature
and avoid cross contamination, making Westgate’s
Flexiwall partition the ideal solution in warehousing

Flexiwall can be installed between racking and
can fit into any space. Whilst Flexiwall is a permanent
solution, it is also adaptable to change and
therefore can be relocated to suit future developments
within Farrall’s Group warehouse if the need arises.
Flexiwall can fit any height and any width due
to the way the panels are manufactured and pieced
together. In this instance the Flexiwall partition
installed was 36m wide x 8m high.

Farrall’s Group also requested a smart, corporate
looking partition that reflected their brand, so
Westgate suggested using red with a yellow border on
the bottom section of the partition and white fabric on
the top section.

Two Fastflex doors (4.5m wide x 3.5m high)
and one sliding pedestrian door were also
incorporated into the Flexiwall, to allow easy and safe
access from one section of the warehouse to the other.
Although Flexiwall is quick to install, this particular
project was carried out over several weeks to
accommodate the customer at their convenience.

Westgate have worked with many clients within the
warehousing and food sector including Royal Mail,
DHL, Great Bear, NFT, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s…

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