Temperature Controlled Storage Guide
06 Sep


A Simple Way To Create a Temperature Controlled Environment

More and more warehouses are seeing the need to create temperature controlled spaces within their existing environment. Segregating warehouse space into smaller, separate areas is a cost-effective alternative to using multiple locations when business demands the need for varying temperatures.
Many industries require certain products to be stored at specific temperatures such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and horticulture.  

Reconfiguring space isn’t as straightforward when temperature has to be taken into account. However, with the right products, it doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Common reasons temperature controlled environments are required:

  • Enabling different types of products to be stored within the same warehouse at varying temperatures, whilst adhering to food regulations. For example, frozen products at -18°C and chilled meat at 4°C
  • Saving on energy usage and costs when only a small part of the warehouse needs temperature regulation
  • Creating a separate, comfortable working environment for employees
  • Allowing a range of different processes to occur under the same roof
  • Creating a temperature controlled area for the safe storage and handling of pharmaceutical goods
  • Generating additional space within an existing space

Increased insulation and condensation prevention is also an important factor when looking to create a temperature controlled area, something which metal partitions struggle with.


So what’s the solution?

Flexiwall® is a simple and effective solution for segregated temperature control and is made up of a number of bespoke designed panels to create an enclosure within the existing space and fit the profile of any building. The product can help overcome many obstacles associated with temperature controlled segregation:

  • Systems can be installed to any height, length or profile and will even fit around existing services
  • PVC strip door can be added for access
  • Materials used are non conductive, which leads to minimum condensation build up
  • Panels are suspended using existing steel work, making installations quick and clean and without the need for additional suspended ceilings
  • Systems can be reconfigured, added to and relocated should the requirements within the space change
  • Installations don’t cause excessive mess and disruption to current operations
  • Once installed the final partition takes up minimal floor space and can even be installed between existing racking
  • Solutions are cost effective and require less planning than traditional methods
  • Fire rated material options are available
  • Corporate branding can be incorporated into the bespoke panels


Creating a temperature controlled environment within an existing warehouse space needn’t be disruptive or difficult. Flexiwall® is the ideal solution whether you’re storing different food products in separate areas or looking to create a comfortable working environment for employees; all whilst taking up minimal floor space and having the option for future reconfiguration.