Industrial Noise Reduction
15 Aug

Noise in the workplace

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) outlines that the purpose of Noise Regulations 2005 is to ensure that workers do not suffer damage to their hearing. With that in mind, it’s necessary for employers to control noise risks and noise exposure for their employees.

HSE also highlights certain ways that employers can reduce noise for its workers. One example is changing the path of the noise as it travels to those exposed. This can be done by putting up enclosures around noisy machinery to reduce the amount of sound emitted into the rest of the work environment; by erecting barriers or screens to block the direct path of the sound and/or placing sources of noise as far away from workers as possible.

Another example is designing the layout of your work environment for noise reduction. This can be done by using noise absorbing materials within the facility to reduce the amount of reflected sound; placing noisy operations and machinery away from quieter working areas and designing the workflow of your environment to ensure machinery is out of areas where employees spend the majority of their time.

Frequency plays a large part of understanding how to effectively reduced noise and dB. A high frequency requires a good seal in order to prevent the sound travelling distance, whereas a low frequency requires a denser more solid material to block the sound.

How do Westgate partitions help with noise reduction?

A low frequency sound is typically created by standard production lines and machinery. Westgate can install a system called Flexiwall, which is designed and manufactured using materials that are profiled to completely fit the shape of your building, creating a very tight seal. These materials can provide an average 30dB(A) reduction depending on the sound frequencies.

For low frequency noises created by shop presses and similar machinery, Westgate can supply and install a sound absorbing panel referred to as Hoardfast Soundscreen. The system comes in 50mm and 80mm thick panels, which reduce noise levels on average by 34dB depending upon the frequency.  

The two systems can also be used in conjunction with each other, with Flexiwall’s ability to fit to the top of the Hoardfast Soundscreen panels.

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