16 May

Businesses that specialise in food manufacturing and processing face a number of challenges day to day. It’s vital for them to adhere to multiple health and safety and hygiene standards, which are enforced by law. Further challenges are introduced when a company manufactures different products that need to be kept separate within the same facility, or when essential maintenance, installation or construction works need to be carried out.

Westgate’s Hoardfast partitioning range is the perfect solution for use in the food sector and can be used as a temporary or permanent solution, examples of which we have detailed below.

When installations, essential maintenance or light construction works need to be carried out, but you want to maximise production schedules, Westgate’s Hoardfast partitioning is an effective way to achieve this. Hoardfast installs cleanly and quickly and the modular tongue and groove design means that 10 meters can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. Many clients have benefited from a quick overnight installation, meaning they can restart maximum daytime production the following morning. The dust tight seal between each panel provides protection from cross contamination as works progress. The entire system can be easily dismantled and reconfigured as work evolves, for complete convenience. Being able to continue with food production whilst work is being carried out is extremely cost-effective.

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The second instance is when different products are manufactured within the same facility and the prospect of cross-contamination is an issue. For example, if a company produces a gluten or dairy free version of one of their food products. Hoardfast PVC panels offer hygienic washdown finishes and the dust-tight interlocking panels prevent any risk of cross-contamination between two areas. The rigid nature of the materials means that self contained rooms can be easily created, further reducing the risk of cross-contamination. This segregation solution means that companies don’t have to hire separate facilities for their different products saving them money.

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If you’d like to learn more about any of our Hoardfast products, contact us at Westgate Factory Dividers today. We’ve already provided effective segregation solutions for a number of well-known food manufacturing companies within the UK.