12 Jun



Maidstone, Kent


Warehouse segregation for new workspace

Flexiwall 21m wide x 10m high – with a PVC strip door


What did the client say?

“The Flexiwall installation was a thing of
beauty, completed ahead of schedule with no
fuss. It has made a massive difference to the
working area conditions



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Dempson Ltd, based in Maidstone, are a
company that manufacture paper bags of many
formats. Business developments meant they
needed to create a new printing area within their
existing warehouse space.

As people would be permanently working in the new
printing area, the ability to adequately heat the space was
essential; to ensure compliance with Workplace (Health,
Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which place a
legal obligation on employers to “provide a ‘reasonable’
temperature in the workplace”.

Furthermore, Dempson Ltd were conscious of the cost and
environmental impacts of heating the full warehouse on a
permanent basis, and instead knew that heating just the
new designated area would be much more cost and energy
efficient; now they needed to find an effective solution to
create the enclosure.

Westgate’s Flexiwall has been used to create temperature
controlled environments and therefore was perfectly
suited for this project. Flexiwall also installs quickly,
allowing businesses to adapt to changes in their working
environment in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Westgate installed a Flexiwall partition that was 21m wide x
10m high – with a PVC strip door for access.

The installation process was completed within just two days,
which is another great benefit to the Flexiwall solution;
minimum impact on your operation, reducing the overall
costs associated with a project.

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